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Optimum Choices, LLC

Optimum Choices, LLC

We specialize in food-based supplements for people and pets. Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM, noted feline nutrition expert, is a member of the Moxxor veterinary advisory board. We know her personally so we trust her recommendations. She feels Moxxor is the best form of Omega 3 supplement on the market today for pets–better than fish oil, algae oil, krill oil, cod liver oil, flax oil, etc.

Here is what she states about the need for Omega oils in our pets’ diets:  

“Virtually all cats and dogs eating commercial pet food are deficient in Omega-3 fatty acids. Quite a few of the better foods are adding Omega-3 sources such as flaxseed meal. Ground flaxseeds are a source of alpha-linolenic acid, which has benefits in its own right. However, claims that it is a good substitute for EPA and DHA are false. Dogs and cats cannot convert more than 1-2% of it to essential EPA, and none to DHA.”

An added bonus is that the Moxxor capsules are so tiny that they are easy to get into cats or small dogs, unlike fish oil capsules. We have tried in the past to get fish oil into our cats by squeezing the contents onto their food and all that resulted in was a refusal to eat their food. We find Moxxor capsules easy to pop into the mouth of one of our 3 cats or our Chihuahua-mix dog.

Optimum Choices is very choosy about the products we offer and Moxxor meets our standards for high quality and high safety, unlike isolated supplements that can cause side effects. Watch the videos on this website explaining how Moxxor is made and we think you will be as impressed as we are.

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